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Breathtaking luxury

Gedimino 22



Have You been dreaming of an imperial home? These dwellings filled with luxury, spirit of the city and modern dynamics will undoubtedly exceed even Your highest expectations.

Areas of the planned apartments vary from 50 up to 200 square meters. They may be combined together and adapted to any factual needs of the buyer, therefore the premises are suited not solely for living, but also for investment and business. The residents who settle in the apartments over two floors located on the top level of the building will be able to enjoy the largest spaces. Domed lofts and terraces were restored after the renovation in order that the residents enjoy the views of the city of Vilnius not only through their windows. For convenience of the residents, four lift shafts were built, equipment of common spaces is on high quality level, including an excellent sound insulation, thanks to which the residents will be able to enjoy peace and quiet which are not characteristic to the city centre. High ceilings with embossed patterns are considered as an integral part of the architectural heritage. GEDIMINO 22 is everything You may need for a comfortable life.

Apartments Floor Area Status



Luxury apartments for living, dwellings for investment, commercial premises for business development.

GEDIMINO 22 has been professionally designed for sophisticate persons who have the highest life quality expectations. Maximum comfort, privacy and quality are the main goals set by the developer which actually shape architectural and technical characteristics. You are kindly invited to contact us at Your convenience and we will be more than happy to supply You with all the required information as well as to answer any of Your questions.